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Jamie on SonicBids

Jamie Coon on SonicBids

  "Jamie Coon is the real deal. Unlike most young singers today, she's got actual musical talent. Her songs are lyrical and catchy. They have a way of getting under your skin. And she performs them perfectly. No flashy costumes and nothing to distract you from the music, Jamie doesn't need any of that. She can sing. She can write songs."

- Rick Jamm - Jamsphere
  "Not one track on Coon's album "Everything So Far" was filler. Each cut had its own unique blend of haunting and soothing vocals. Sometimes a jazz blend and at others a pop sound likely to end up on mainstream radio. Coon may not yet be a household name, but her career is headed in that direction."

- Heather Fuller - Malibu Arts Journal

"Jamie Coon's "Everything So Far" got my immediate attention ... her voice, while as soft and kinetic as a butterfly's wings, grabs your focus right away. Her sad and sexy lyrics go with her voice like a comfy peanut butter 'n' jelly sammie ... The production was faultless, as were the arrangements... frankly, Jamie is just scary good at what she does. Can't wait for the next release!"

- Arlie Kendall -Music of the First Nations on XM Satellite Radio

"With brilliantly written, passionate lyrics and a sophisticated sound, Jamie is blessed with a ton of talent and is well on her way to making a lasting impact on the music scene and a long and successful career.

Soulful & passionate. 5 stars."

- Paul Deppeler - iROK Radio

"With a touch of Natalie Merchant vibe, a dab of Norah Jones jazz, and a gentle nod to the sexy cool of Sade, Jamie's luscious vocals reach out and caress your heart with quiet joy and longing."

- A&R Showcase on MusicFreedom.com

"If you're looking for quality music and lyrics that have meaning, tune into Jamie Coon and her band."

- W.IN.E (Women IN Entertainment)